Inle-Kakku- Taungyi-Inle

Inle-Kakku- Taungyi-Inle

4 Days/3 Nights

Day 1

Starting point is at lower Magyigoneboat jetty. Trek to teak, sugar cane
plantations and reach to Moekaung village. Climbs up to Htine.

Day 2

Day 2
Go to Naungkae village where we can observe for hand weaving for shoulder
bag. Proceed to Kakku and overnight at Hlaingkone cottages.

Day 3 

Visit Kakku pagoda do some soft trek around area, learn how to cook Pa O
traditional curry. Continue to visit Shan villages ,you can do such as cooking,
meditation, languages and culture exchange.

Day 4

Leave Kakku, come back Taunggyi , on the way ,visit Httmpayar cave and
Narboung jungle.Continue Inle and visit around that area.