Inle-Kakku- Taungyi-Inle

Inle-Kakku- Taungyi-Inle

3 Days/2 Nights

Day 1

Starting point is at lower Magyigoneboat jetty.Trek to Teaks forest,sugar cane
and seasonal plantation.All the way long up to Moekaung village.We have
lunch at Moekaung and we walk to Donthakhaw and climbs up to Htinethat.

Day 2

After breakfast
,visit local house and walk around Htine village.Discover to
natural lime stone cave.Doing such as cooking,meditation,language and culture
exchange as well as you can do it.

Day 3 

Forward to Naungkae village.It is Pa O village where we can see hand weaving
for shoulder bag. Take a car to Kakku and visit Kakku pagoda and then take car
via Taunggyi to Inle.