Eastern Myanmar

Thibaw / Hsipaw

Thibaw was known as Hsipaw, is a small, peaceful and relaxed town situated between Mandalay and Lashio. Thipaw was the local capital of a Shan principality of its own culture and the town itself is about 400 years old since 1636. The surrounding of Thipaw is very picturesque with Dokhtawaddy River against a backdrop of hill and mountains.The attraction sites for tourists are Haw Nan; Shan Palace which is the northern end of small and beautiful town, Nam Tok water fall which is en-route to famous Bawgyo Pagoda, Chaung-sone (confluent of river) at water front of the Dohtawaddy river (known as “Silver River”) which passes through the town to join the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River and can observe over (150) years old Shan Monastery and lacquered image of Buddha in Shan village, panoramic scenery of paddy, orange plantations, living style of Shan villagers and trekking to Shan village and Palaung hill tribe Village.  Candle Light market can be seen early morning around (4:00) am.; unique local market and local vendors are selling vegetables, seasonal fruits and other things with lighting candles. As unforgettable experience is very beautiful sunset from private boat through Dohtawaddy River.
Once return from Thipaw to Mandalay, can take train to Nyaung Cho via Gokteik Viaduct, masterpiece of engineering is more than a century old, and your train will slow to a crawl meanwhile crossing to avoid putting undue strain on the structure, afterwards, by overland surface to Mandalay from Nyaung Cho.



Lashio is a trading town set in a mountain basin 855 metres above sea level and inhabited mostly by ethnic Shan-Chinese and Chinese, due to its proximity to the Sino-Myanmar border. The town is located at the southern end of the famous Burma Road. Mya Kantha Hill in the northern part of town offers good views of the city. The steady traffic at Myanmar's largest Chinese temple, dedicated to the goddess of mercy, Quan Yin, is testament to Lashio’s strong Chinese population.. Lashio is a major town that locates on the route connecting to China and Myanmar. It was famous in World War II as the starting point of the Burma Road. There are some pagodas and a hot spa to visit. The railroad between Lashio, Thibaw, Kyaukme and Mandalay is quite fascinating since the train passes over the world's largest steel bridge of more than a hundred years old GOKHTEIK viaduct.